Great Scenic Train Journeys of the World

Covering the spectacular train journey across the New Zealand Alps I produced directed and shot this one hour documentary narrated by Bill Nighy.

Shark Vs Surfer

Exploring the reasons behind rising shark attacks on surfers around the world I directed, produced and shot this one investigative documentary for National Geographic


Over sixteen weeks I filmed  this seven part observational documentary series as the latest batch of New Zealand's raw recruits were pushed to the limits from their arrival to march out. 

Meet the Orangutans

Set in Borneo I directed and shot this eight part observational documentary series following the intense rehabilitation of orangutans back into the wild.

China from Above

After China first opened up its skies to National Geographic, I was allowed to direct drones over its remarkable landscapes, and tell the everyday stories of people across this hidden continent.

Afghan Star

Filming in some of the most challenging conditions to date our small documentary team managed to capture a remarkable story. After 30 years of war and Taliban rule, Afghanistan's answer to pop Idol is taking the nation by storm, but this is more than just a TV show. In Afghanistan you risk your life to sing.

Mark and Olly with the Mek

Filming and directing extreme explorers, Mark Anstice and Oliver Steeds, we captured their initiation into becoming part of the Mek tribe in the heart of the Highlands of West Papua.

My Next Challenge

As an editor I pieced together the life story of the  human Spiderman, Alain Robert, who has made his name from illegally free climbing the world’s tallest buildings.

Snap - A History of the Paparazzi

Presented by Andrew Morton I directed this one hour doc to show the rise of the Paparazzi over the last fifty years and their most sensational snaps.

Walking the Wall

 With one video camera and some hiking boots I                   walked and filmed the length of Israel’s 750 kilometre security barrier with writer/comedian Mark Thomas tracing the stories of the people affected on both sides of the West Bank.