Producer  Director  Cameraman  Editor


After finishing Film School I became a Producer and Director and have worked consistently for the last 30 years with British Broadcasters as well as Discovery Channel and National Geographic. My specialised field is in presenter led factual programmes and observational documentaries. Over the years these productions have picked up awards at The Sundance Festival, Jackson Hole, The International Wildlife Film Festival and The Grierson Award.  


 As a cameraman I enjoy filming on a variety of camera formats from high end 4k rigs to DSLR's, also adding  sliders, gimbals and drones to my kit list. I am comfortable working in all sorts of challenging conditions, from the dusty villages of Afghanistan to the rolling seas of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years I've encountered a variety of situations requiring patience and quick witted reactions that ensure the safety of the crew and for films to come back in one piece and on budget.

Post Production

Working on Avid and Premier systems, I have edited my own and other companies programmes, often to tight deadlines and shifting production demands. When working as an edit producer I'm conscious, when writing scripts and organising the material, that in any edit the story is king and its characters take prime place in the action to create a compelling narrative for audiences.