The Work

2023 Moving Portraits

New Zealand

A series of personalised films for elders to document their life story to be handed down to the children, grandchild and future generations so that their stories and memories about the important events in their life are not lost to the winds of time.

Producer Cameraman Editor

2023 Local Focus

NZME  Wairarapa Times Age New Zealand

Covering the news stories of the Wairarapa Phil Stebbing reported on the ins and outs of the region, presenting, shooting and editing this popular web series.

Presenter Cameraman Editor

2023 Transgenerations

Trajectory Media  NZME New Zealand

Following generations of Transgender people this eight part series chronicles, over the course of seven decades, the changes that went to create a greater acceptance of Trans people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Director Cameraman 

2022 Massive Engineering Mistakes

Brightspark   Discovery   United Kingdom

From the extraordinary to the ridiculous, this series uncovers the epic fails and near misses

engineers would rather not talk about.

Producer Director Cameraman

2022 Young Ocean Explorers

Greenstone TV Hei Hei TVNZ Aotearoa New Zealand

Presenter Riley Hathaway leads this fun adventure underwater series discovering the importance of conserving Aotearoa New Zealand’s seas and shores.



2022 Explorers Club

Greenstone TV Hei Hei TVNZ Aotearoa New Zealand

Hosted by Sonny Ngatai three teenagers take an epic journey following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hilary to climb the mountains around Mount Aoraki, challenging their stamina and reliance.



2021 - 2022 No Place Like Home

Trajectory Media   Stuff   TVNZ Aotearoa New Zealand

As Covid 19 rages overseas New Zealanders make the difficult decision to leave their careers and friends. This six part series traces their struggle as they come to terms with coming back and finding a place they can call home.

Director Cameraman


2021 Great Scenic River Journeys

BrightSpark   Channel 5 United Kingdom

From its mountainous lakeland source in New Zealand, this one-hour film follows the Mighty Buller River and the characters associated with its history, through stunning geography of rapids and steep gorges right down to the wild ocean.

Producer Director Cameraman


2021  Swipe Match Murder

ITN Channel 5 United Kingdom

Investigative two-part documentary into the British tourist who disappeared New Zealand in 2018 using CCTV and extensive police interviews reveals how the killer Jesse Kempson tried and failed to hide the murder.



2021 Journey of the Warrior

IFA Media Tencent China

Mixing the genres of survival, adventure and history these six half shows set in China dramatically trace the epic journeys of modern day military struggles hosted by an bushcraft expert, Josh James, and a well known celebrity.



2021 Great Scenic Train Journeys of the World

BrightSpark   Channel 5 United Kingdom

Recording the historic journey along the spectacular Taieri George to Dunedin and along the rich Otago coastline this one hour film tracks the eventful history of the railway line through the eyes of both crew and passengers.

Producer Director Cameraman

2020 The New Resistance

Vice USA

As part of a film series examining how young people are standing up for themselves New Zealand activist Shaneel Lal successfully fights to have the practise of gay conversion therapy banned.

Director Cameraman

2020 Criminal Planet New Zealand Gangs

Vice UK

With the explosion of methamphetamine causing havoc in New Zealand society this one hour documentary investigates the drugs trail from the Mexican Sinaloa cartel through a deadly network of kiwi bike gangs.

Producer Director Cameraman

2020 Great Scenic Train Journeys of the World

BrightSpark   Channel 5 United Kingdom

Travelling from Auckland to Wellington this spectacular one hour film tracks the eventful history of the railway line through the eyes of both crew and passengers.

Producer Director Cameraman

2019 - 2020   Sharks Vs Surfers

 Natural History New Zealand   National Geographic USA  

One hour documentary investigating the reasons behind the rising shark attacks on surfers around the world.


2019 -2020 High Tide Don't Hide

Independent   The Rebel Film Collective

Feature documentary following five teenagers as they organise the largest climate strike in New Zealand’s history.  Producer Director Cameraman

2019   Great Scenic Train Journeys of the World

BrightSpark   Channel 5 United Kingdom

Following the breath-taking Transalpine rail crossing of the New Zealand Alpine range this one hour film explores how the crew and passengers experience one of the world’s greatest journeys.

Executive Producer Director Cameraman

2019   The Story of Rugby

 Desert Road Productions   TVNZ     Aotearoa New Zealand

A six part series tracing the history of rugby from its roots to the modern day with particular focus on the role of class, race and gender on its formation.

Edit Producer


2019     My Next Challenge

 Sisu Productions    Reale Film Festival - Best Documentary

New York Independent Cinema Awards - Best International Feature Documentary

Alain Robert is the central character of this one hour film exploring the life of the human Spiderman who has made his name from climbing the world’s tallest buildings.          


2018     Destination Conservation

New Generation Group     American Public Broadcasting Service   USA

 Four part series taking teenagers to volunteer with endangered animals in Borneo in the attempt to bring wildlife from the brink of extinction.

Director Producer Cameraman

2018     Intake

Diva Productions   Maori Tv Aotearoa New Zealand

Based at New Zealand army camp, this seven part observational documentary series charts the latest batch of raw recruits from arrival to their march out.  

Cameraman   Editor   Edit Producer

2018     Grand Designs

Imagination   TV3   Aotearoa New Zealand

Headline series following people as they build their dream house while balancing their budget and building regulations.


2017     Wildlife 24

Blink Films   Blue Ant   Canada

Series of natural history films set in the Amazon investigating its ecosystems and animals in the rainforest.

Director Producer Cameraman


2017     Spurred On

Gibson Group   TVNZ     Aotearoa New Zealand/Canada

One hour investigative documentary following actor Dean O’Gorman from Auckland to the fields of Flanders as he pieces together the last hours of four brothers in the battles of Passchendaele.

Director Edit Producer

2017     Man of the Forest

Orangutan Appeal UK   United Kingdom

Campaign documentary for the British charity saving critically endangered orangutans from extinction in the rainforest of Borneo.

Producer Cameraman Editor


2017     Islands of the Gulf

Top Shelf   TVNZ   Aotearoa New Zealand

Writer and actress Elizabeth Easter retraces the footsteps of her mother who made New Zealand’s first documentary series in 1964 about the islands in the Hauraki Gulf.



2017     China From Above

NHNZ     National Geographic   Smithsonian China/USA

After China first opened up its skies to aerial footage, National Geographic was allowed to chronicle its remarkable landscapes, and tell the everyday stories of people across this hidden continent.



2016     The Kleptocrats

Roast Beef Films   Channel 4   United Kingdom

This undercover documentary follows how the Malaysian Prime Minister was part of the world biggest financial scam incriminating top politicians, Hollywood executives and actor Leonardo Di Caprio.              



2016     Arabian Inferno

Blink Films   Blue Planet   Canada/United Kingdom

Ten part observational documentary series filming Arabia’s hidden and secretive wildlife in their struggle for survival in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

Producer Director Camera


2016   Meet the Penguins

Blink Discovery   Animal Planet   United Kingdom

Eight part Observational series following the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned Penguins in South Africa.

Producer Director Camera

2015     Secrets of Wild Australia

Blink Films   Blue Ant   Canada

Twenty part observational documentary series tracking Australia’s iconic animals in their struggle for survival.

Producer Director Camera


2015     The Bachelor New Zealand

Warner Brothers     Eyeworks     TV3   Aotearoa New Zealand

Twenty one women battle it out for the attention of one eligible Bachelor in his search for true love in this sixteen part reality series.

Edit Director


2014     Salvage Hunters

Cineflix   Quest Channel   United Kingdom

On a mission to hunt down forgotten treasures salvage dealer Drew Pritchard scours castles, lock ups and the attics of the UK in this ten part restoration series.

Producer Director


2013 -2014   Meet the Orangutans

Blink Discovery Animal Planet

Eight part Observational documentary series following the rehabilitation of orangutans back into the wild.

Producer Director Camera


2012     True Stories – Star Trek

Blink Films   BBC Worldwide Smithsonian Channel   Arte Five

One hour documentary on the largest multi billion dollar media franchise in history and its influence on science.

Producer Director Camera


2012     Classic Car Rescue

Blink Films   Discovery   Channel 5   United Kingdom/Canada

Mechanics Bernie and Mario search for rusting wrecks to turn them back to their former glory.

Producer Director


2012       Heaven on Earth

Blink Films   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Ten part upmarket travel series journeying to the most heavenly resorts and locations on Earth.

Camera Producer Director


2011       Freaks and Creeps

National Geographic Television   USA

Series with Zoologist Lucy Cooke discovering the evolutionary path of some of the world's oddest animals.

Producer Director


2011       The House of Sloths

Blink Films Discovery BBC   United Kingdom      

Winner Panda Award Wildscreen Festival

An Observational Documentary at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica telling a Romeo and Juliet story of love and hope for one of the cutest and slowest animals known to science.



2010       Haiti’s Miracle Baby

Roast Beef Films   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Extraordinary story of a Haitian baby found by an English surgeon after the 2010 earthquake and the quest to find her true mother.



2010       Invite Mr Wright

Roast Beef Films   Discovery Channel   Singapore

Six part series following traveller Ian Wright as he is invited into the homes of the famous across Asia.

Camera Director Producer Editor


2010       Walking the Wall

Roast Beef Films Independent Feature Documentary   United Kingdom

Activist comedian Mark Thomas walks the entire length of Israel’s 750 kilometre security barrier tracing the stories of the people affected on both sides of the West Bank.

Camera Director Producer


2009       Setara The Fallen Star

Roast Beef Films   HBO   USA

A film about Setara, the main protagonist in the Afghan Star documentary, coping with the prejudices of being a singer and a single mother in Afghanistan.



2009     Vote Afghanistan

Roast Beef TV Channel 4   United Kingdom

Feature documentary on the three main contenders to Hamid Karzai in the fraud ridden Afghan elections.



2009     Psychic Academy

Glasshead Productions   History Channel   United Kingdom

Six parter series following psychic Tony Stockwell training paranormal novices to make contact with the dead.

Director Producer


2008     Soho Blues

Folio TV   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Observational Documentary series following London’s Metropolitan Police in Soho’s red light district tackling serious crime and drugs in the heart of the capital’s sex industry.



2008     Rough Guide Ultimate Escapes

Lion TV   Channel Five   United Kingdom

Set in Nicaragua and Venezuela comedian Dom Joly's and Olympian James Cracknell's ultimate destinations.

Cameraman Director Producer


2008     Afghan Star

Roast Beef TV   Channel 4  

Winner Sundance Festival

Feature length documentary on young people recovering their culture after 30 years of war through Afghanistan’s answer to Pop Idol.



2007     Mark and Olly with the Mek

Cicada Films   Discovery   USA

Eight part series with extreme explorers living in the Highlands of West Papua to become part of the Mek tribe.

Producer Director and Camera


2006- 2008   The Deadline

Winner Best Independent Film International Wildlife Film Awards.

One hour independent feature doc following Greenpeace tracking down pirate fishing boats in West Africa.

Director Producer Camera Editor


2006 -2007   Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Cicada Films   Channel 4

Presenter Jayne Middlemiss’s search for a deeper meaning of Yoga in her voyage to India.

Director Producer


2006 -2007     CSI Wild Shark Finning

Cicada Films   Discovery  

Winner Best Environmental Film, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Awards.

Special eco agent Steve Galster goes undercover to track down the main players in the shark finning industry.

Director Producer Camera


2005     Reign of Terror

ITN Factual   National Geographic   USA

Three one hour series tracing how mobile phone, video and internet technologies are used by terror groups.

Director Producer


2004 - 2005 Snap! A History Of The Paparazzi

Unicorn Productions   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Presented by Andrew Morton this one hour doc follows the rise of the Paparazzi over the last fifty years.

Director Producer


2004     Terror Target Britain

ITN   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Drama documentary investigating the threat of terrorist attacks in the UK based on the Al Qaeda training manual.



2003     Sort-It-Out-Man

Outline Productions   BBC   United Kingdom

Planet Sorted sends its finest super heroes to Earth to put things right using hidden cameras.



2003     Curse of Friends Reunited

Betty TV   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Series of stories set in a one hour documentary, on how Friends Reunited’s website puts a curse on various people’s lives.



2003     Bad Boys of Comedy

Chrysalis TV   Channel 5   United Kingdom

Three One Hour films on some of Britain’s most infamous comedians, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr and Bernard Manning.


2003     Jean Claude Van Damme

 Chrysalis TV   Channel 5   United Kingdom

One hour documentary Biography on the famous Kick Boxing Belgium Hollywood Star.


2002     Animal Tragic

First Circle Films     Channel 5   United Kingdom

One hour documentary profiling extreme modification where people are changing their appearance to look like animals.


2002     The Great Stink

Uden Associates   Channel 5   United Kingdom

History of Sewage disposal in Victorian Britain during the great cholera outbreak presented by Sir Peter Bazalgette.

Producer Director


2001 - 2002   Bombay Blush

Brighter Films   BBC2   United Kingdom

Comedy and Entertainment series set in Mumbai exploring mainstream Indian culture.

Series Director


2001     Lost

Windfall Films   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Survival Travel Series where teams are left at an unknown location and then race back to London without money or maps.

Director Camera


2000 We are Britain

Rapido TV Channel 4   United Kingdom

Documentary on children lives in Britain.

Series Director Editor


2000     S Club 7 Go Wild

At it Productions   BBC1   United Kingdom

Series of three documentaries where S Club 7 go in search of endangered animals in South East Asia.



1999     Orangina Advert

Leith Agency   Television Commercial   United Kingdom

Three Silver Rose Awards for Best Commercial



1999     Art in the National Gallery

2020 Productions   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Five 20 minute programmes for C4 Schools on paintings in London's National Gallery.

Series Director


1999     Love.Co.UK

Kudos Productions   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Half hour documentary on the intersection between Love and Technology.



1997 - 1998   The Truth About Art

ZCZ Films   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Three one hour films tracing ancient art and its links to contemporary art presented by Waldemar Januszczak.

Series Director


1997     Lonely Planet Guide to Peru

Pilot Productions   Channel 4   United Kingdom

Travelogue from the wildly different terrains and cities of Peru.